Auction Buying Sample Car/1988 Mercedes Benz 300E LHD

We supply any kinds of cars through Japanese Auto Auction houses, USS, CAA, JAA, JU, CAA, LAA, NAA, HAA, all auction companies in japan.
Our supplier Car is "Fully Inspected" and supplied "Better than Auction AS IS CONDITION",
We can supply Individuals, buyers, car dealers all over the world.
We are a "Quality Auction used car exporter" in japan.

Auction Buying Service Sample Car lists
Sample 002/ 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E LHD
Total 30pics available in this Sample page
These 30pics are a few of Pics which We sent to our Custmers

Auction Sample No:MB300E-001
These 6pictures are "A few of pics" We usually take at the auction house.
We send as much pictures to our custmers, then explains briefly about the vehicle conditions.
We brought this Mercedes Benz 300E LHD 1988 back to our yard after the auction,
then took an actual "Test driving" in ciry and highway road, then inspected fully in our factory,
then Clean up completely, and took a lots of pictures for the custmer.
These picures are taken by us, after "The Vehicle is finished "Repairment, Clean up".
After this procedures, The Interior is covered by the sheet, then bring to the departure port by
The Truck Carrier service.
(This unit was shipped already on last year, December 2005)
1988 Mercedes Benz 300E LHD Auction Buying Car
Stay your mouth pointer on each thumbnail to switching the image files.
Mileage ; Mileage 45,400KM around 28,375Mile Color; Naby Blue
P/S, P/W, P/M, AAC, AutomtaticTransmission, Fully option loaded.
USS Auction Grade "4,5" as Body, "B" as interior, Decent Shape unit

This unit is supplied to our custmer , subject to be "Fully inspected supply service" terms & conditions.
The unit is Inspected, tested, cleaned up, tuned up completely in our factory, then supplied to the custmer.

For more detail "Our service fees" about "Auction buying service",
Let us have your enquiry through "Auction buying enquiry form"
We help you to find "Decent shape unit" in japan market, then supply utmost service.

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