1991 Nissan Figaro Green open top for sale U.K. Canada Australia / Stock car for sale

1991/6 Nissan Figaro open top FOR SALE

1991/June Nissan Figaro FK10 Open Top, Green Actual 74,000km
for sale japanese used car export MONKY'S

STOCK NO : FK10-001
For sale in stock
1991 Nissan Figaro Open top Green model
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Mileage ; Low Mileage 74,000KM around 46,250Mile Color; Green/Ivory top
P/S, P/W, A/C, Figaro Original CD/Radio unit

This is one of "Very good Condition" Nissan Figaro available at MONKY'S INC this summer.
T-belt changed 10,000km around before, No mechanical troubles, Runs good now.

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