Sold Car Gallerly/1991 sileighty sil-eighty sil80 180sx modified

1994 CY25 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 V8 5,7L

STOCK NO: Auction Supplierd Car

This unit was purchased in Japan Auto Auction , then Suppied to our cusmter
"Fully inspected service plan", Includes these Inspection service.

Repairment Service:
**Inspected by the Japanese Legal 12month inspection program
**Slick 50 Metal coating add in ATF.
**Rear Diff case oil seal repairment
**All Brakes Disassembled, cleaned, assembled, ABS unit tested.
**Bolts & nuts tighten by appropriate torque
**All fluids, oils, coolant level, checked and add.
Cleaned up, vaccumed, covered by the vinyl protection sheet
Washed, and coated by the long lasting polymer coating
Under floor & Engine bay:
Cleaned, floor , suspension parts painted by Rust prevention sprays.

This unit is inspected, repaired a few parts at our own repair factory, then tested in
city and highway road for 1day, then supplied to the custmer.
"Test Driving VIDEO" taken by us, then sent to the custmer after "repairment process".


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