MONKYYS INC-- is a Japanese Used Car Exporter, supply any kinds of Cars, Trucks, Exotic, Luxury, Vintage Used cars from japan to all over the world. We have had a lots of "Japanese Used Stock Vehicles", and also service "Japanese Auto Auction buying service", through Japan Auto Auction, and has all Authorized Auction memberships all over japan.
Our business is "Export Quality Japanese Used Car", not "AS IS" cheap condition cars to our custmers.
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Mr.Yasuhiro Totoki | President of MONKY'S INC JAPAN
MONKY'S INC, Japan JU Member Dealer Car Shop MONKY'S INC, Japan JU Member Dealer Car Shop
The Managing Director and President of MONKY'S INC
Mr.Yasuhiro Totoki, 40yrsold(2008Year)

I passed from 20 to 22 years old in the western part of the United States, a small village, St,George, UTAH, 150miles away from Famous Pleasure spot Las Vegas, Nevada, and was engaged in automobile repair business for seven years. Five years were passed as an automobile salesman after that. The present automobile export trade is performed taking advantage of old career. When you have questions, Please feel free to contact to me! Thanks!

My personal messages to our custmers in the world

Dear Custmers,

Thank you for your visiting our website.
My name is "Yasuhiro Totoki", a magaging director of MONKY'S INC.
We are one of reliable and experienced car export company.

These days, I know there are a lot of demands from world wide buyers, and private custmers for Japanese performance vehicles, and As you knows now the internet is one of the most easiest, and reliable tool for serching your vehicles at your home without going abroad and buying the vehicels.

The world has been changing every day, and the ways of buying vehicles are also changing....

There are a lot of "Amazing high performance, but affordable vehicles" in japan, and easy to buy in auto auction houses, dealer stock, moreover private buying.

Of course, We will supply any kinds of vehicles as the custmers request, but If you are inerested in japanese highe performance vehicles, Let me have your enquiry at first at us.

Definitely, We can give you best service in the world, and We have a great confident to offer attractive and owesome vehicles to you at a reasonable price level.

I hope You will be satisfied with our custmer service, and our supplying vehicles.

I am looking foward to hearing from you in soon,

Yasuhiro Totoki,

Introduction of MONKY'S INC

We have own strage yards, registered workshop, and liscensed dealer car shop Osaka, Japan.
We are not a typical Auction service providers, are an "Car Dealer, who has actual shop here".

Total 110 vehicles storage spaces, 10 for "Finisned process", 100 For Stock , and custmer reservation vehicles.
We have "Our Own stock yard", and do not store custmer vehicles at "Customs broker yard" before the shipping process... To keep vehicles in "Good conditions", and Save Custmer money... Our one of Custmer service...
MONKY'S INC No.1 Stock yard/10units spaces/Ibaraki-city,Osaka,JAPAN MONKY'S INC no.2 Stock yard/50units space/Takatsuki-city,Osaka,JAPAN
Our 1st Yard located on the back of our office building.
Ibaraki-city Osaka, Japan.
This stock yard for the vehicles, already "Reconditioned", just before "Shipping, or Transition to the port"....
Our 2nd yard located near our office.
Takatsuki-city, Osaka, Japan, 15min from our office.
We can store total 100units normal size vehicles.
3month FREE PARKING SERVICE available only
for our custmers(Upto 3months, 2units)
We have been selling used cars locally in japan as one of reliable Liscensed Used Car Dealer Shop, a member of JAPAN USED CAR DEALER ASSOCIATION, JU SHOP, Takatsuki-city,Osaka, Japan Since 2003year, and at 2009, We renewed, moved to this New locations, capacity total 60units, and selling many types of vehicles all over japan.

We can introduce all of our own "Facilities" when you come to our office, dealer car shop, yard, help your importing business, and help you to find your best vehicle in japan.
Location, Takatsuki-city, Osaka, Northern part of
Osaka, 30min by car from Shin-osaka rail station.
We show many "Rare" vehicles at our dealer shop.
We also have a "Junk yard" for Whole sale Parts Exportt sales.. We stock "Damaged vehicles", "Many kinds of stock and aftermarket parts", and "Half cut vehicles". The location is very close to our "Dealer shop", "Stock yard".
We have been storing damaged, salvaged vehicles. Storing "half cut" vehicles for export


is a Japan Registered Liscense mechanical factory. Called as Liscensed "SHAKEN" factory, has SHAKEN TEST FACILITIES, like "Brake test roller", "Emission test", "Horn, headlight direction test devices", etc, etc, Usually SHAKEN TEST is held only at "M.O.T. Branch office test place". However Our factory is a Liscensed SHAKEN FACTORY, this means that We can test SHAKEN by ourself for custmer vehicles at our own workshop, here, and Issue "PASSED SHAKEN" paper by ourself. Speak easily, We have the right to DO SHAKEN TEST by ourself, and issue "SHAKEN TEST CERTIFIED PAPER",. This kinds of factory is called as "MINKAN SHAKEN NINSHO KOUJYO" in Japanese. For more info, Please visit Japan M.L.I.T webpage.
M.L.I.T. Official webpage(English)
MONKY'S INC Body & Engine repairment factory, Toyonaka-city, Osaka, JAPAN
Our factory do many repairment works asked by Dealers in our area, Nissan, Mazda, and Daihatsu, Toyota, 35years business experience in japan. The Cheif mechanic inspects custmer's purchased cars in this factory every day. He is an approved Inspector of M.O.T(Kensakan), has 2nd grade Gasoline /Diesel, and chassis mechanic liscense.
This is one of SHAKEN TEST FACILITIES, To test Brake Stopping power, Brake test roller. This meters shows the result of Brake power, Spped meter adjustment required or not, etc... Same TEST FACILITIES , of Japan M.O.T SHAKEN TEST PLACE.
We can "Inspect/Repair" any kinds of vehicles, even though "Motorcycles"... Our workshop has a liscense to do all necessary process for Japanese Legal Inspections.
Our workshop has also an "Body workshop".
Body work, paint work, any kinds of service available.
All the vehicles We sell comes with Legal Certified Service Log papers. All issued by our liscensed workshop.(Certified log paper has official stamp and
4digit registered number)

Registered Dealer Liscense Plate
(Given only the R.D, who pass strict requirement requested by M.I.T. We passed it on 2003year)

Basically We can't drive any vehicles on any public road , vehicles which,
@Is Not registered
@Is De-registered already
@Is Brand new vehicles, not registered
However There is only a exceptions, only for the purpoase, "Take Shaken test".But this is only for "1time and 1 vehicle". This Exception service is available at "Civil office". calles as "Temporally Drive permit".
This Temporally permit is valid only "1time, 1 vehicle", so Not better for the Car Dealers, factories who must drive such vehicles every day, to test vehicles on public road, pick up "De-registered vehicles", etc...

So M.I.L.T has a Rule for Companies who offer these services, approved to issue "Special Permit liscense plate",
called as "Kaisou unkou permission plate". This plate is not available easily, M.I.L.T require many strict rules, and regulations, and insurance coverage,.

this RED CIRCLED LISENSE PLATE is a Permission , We can drive any vehicles, even though "De-registered" , similar to "Dealer liscence plate" in north american countries.
This PLATE will be rent by Each Province M.O.T office, after "STRICT APPLICATION, TEST". Any companies who has Criminal history, bad business history can't take this LISCENSE PLATES. This plate Holder is approved and recognized as "Reliabe Car Dealership" in japan.

If they don't have this plate, They can't do ANY TEST DRIVE, can't move Your cars by themself LEGALLY.

It's prohibited by M.I.T. To rent this plate to anyone ...

All of MONKY'S INC employees name are declared to M.I.T, Recorded all.
This "OSAKA 37-99" is our registered Plate Number.
As long as We put this plates on the "De-registered", vehicle, We can drive the vehicles for only those purpose..
@To Test the vehicle in public road legally
@To bring vehicle to custmer house
@To go anywhere, for Registration, modifications, test driving, Show room, demonstrations, etc.. for our business purpose.
This Certification paper, Stamped by Chief Office of Osaka District (Kinki) M.O.T. office, is a valid every 1year, must be revised, and renewaled annually.
Must be Insured, and Application renewal process required every 1year basis.
It's very hard for normal car dealer to get this Liscence plate.(Very strict, and difficult to get this, so recognized as Reliable Car dealership company in japan)

We are an registered member of Goverment Approved Associations

We are an authorized member of JAPAN USED CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATIONS, called as JU, very famous, and only one Goverment approved automobile dealers associations in Japan.

We. MONKY'S INC are originally "Japan Used Car dealer shop with mechanical workshop", doing Car Sales business here, has many business experiences.

We do our business under Japanese Local laws, rules.
Click Picture, jump to Member list page of JU Click JU log, jump to JU website
This is a JU membership ID Card. An member of Japan Used Car Dealers Associations.
JU is a most biggest and Japan Goverment Approved individual organizations. Called as JU and very famous, and no.1 organizations of "Used Car Dealer" in Japan.
We are an member of ,

JU is most famous, and popular Organization, approved by Japanese Goverment.

You can refer to our membership on JU.
Click the Logo, jump to this council website Click the Logo, jump to this council website

This council has been "WATCHING" member's sales activities, protect consumers rights.

All vehicles we sell Locally in japan, outside japan , odometer checked by this council

We sell only "Vehicles" which can show all correct informations clearly.
All the vehicles We have been selling Locally here, and exporting all over the worlds, are checked by NAK, Odometer Management Programs.

Speak easily, Vehicles We sells, its odometer is certified by NAK Records, and checked by NAK.

Our Vehicle info page shows like these marks

No Mark, Km only = Certified KM
" * " Astarisk mark = Unknown KM
"$" Dollar mark = Meter changed , has Certification

TEL/FAX:+81-72-624-6153 HOT LINE:+81-90-2062-2270
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Enquiry for Another cars, trucks, or Auciton service : Auction service enquiry form
MONKY'S INC JAPAN -- Japanese Performance Modified Skyline GT-R Exporter
2003 MONKY'S INC All rights reserved.
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