This is Ultra Rare nissan march superTurbo, turbocharger with supercharger Nismo fuel pump,Nismo damper,modified a lot.

1989 MA10 Nissan March Super Turbo
Supercharger + turbocharger
Amazing performance 1000cc unit FOR SALE

STOCK NO : EK10-001
For sale in stock 1989 March SuperTurbo 5spd
Double Charged Engine, "Supercharged & Turbocharger"
WRC rally base model in JAPAN
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Mileage ; Low Mileage 78,000KM around 48,750Mile Color; Black Metalic
No P/S, P/W, Optional Air condition installed, Power mirror.

MA09ERT, 930cc, Twincharged, 110PS /6400rpm, 13,3kgm/4800rpm.Vislous L.S.D installed.
At low rev, Supercharger works, then switch Turbocharger in high rev.
Good MPG, 1000cc Engine, plus Double charger powered car.

Nismo Leather shift nob(Not available anymore in japan, rare shift nob)
MOMO 3spoke leather steering rim, REZO alluminum pedals,
Aftermarket 4points seat belts.
One owner car, in stock very good condition.

**NISMO coil & damper units available(Used parts)
**Rear ENDLESS brake.

One or rare kinds of Performance Car in japan,
Now this car is recognized as "Collectible Sports Model" in japan.

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