Toyota MR2 SW20 3SGTE T-bar GT FOR SALE

This is one of our stock japanese performance used car
swapped used good 3sgte engine, coil overs, light weight rims,
in good condition used car.

1990/02 SW20 MR2 GT TURBO 3SGTE for sale
Stay your mouth pointer on each thumbnail to switching the image files.
Mileage ; Odometer 23,000km, but This is wrong KM, Color; Black
P/S, P/W, P/M, AAC, 5spd trans, SONY CD/Casetter/AM/FM 2DIN audio unit.

ENKEI Racing 16'inch White RIms, Tanabe Super-Medarion legal exhaust mufler.
Aftermarket BOV, Italvolante Leather 3spoke steering rims, RAZO carbon look shift nob.
HKS power filter(Yellow, mushroom type), RAZO Turbotimer.

This MR2 has 2rd Generation 3SGTE engine,(Engine swapped car).
Body kilometer around 130,000km, The swapped engine kilometer 35,000km.
(This information are given by the ex-owner)

The paint conditon is very good except the rear trank, and engine cover.
It looks like "No glitter", faded out the colour.
The Engine is more highpower 3rd gen MR2 3SGTE, so the performance is better than original
1st gen 1989-1991 MR2 GT turbo model.

We recommend this vehicle to Australian and Canadian custmers.
This is the best vehicle for your "Drifting Car".

We corrected the wrong informations.
This time We have been informing that "This MR-2 has 3rd generation 245PS 3SGTE engine", but The custmer confirmed and told us that This car has "2nd generation 3SGTE engine car in Canada. We applogize that We have been informing wrong informations, then We try to not to do the same mistake in future, and This time We applogize all the custmer who see this page.

If You have a miss informations about the car, It is more helpful for us you give your comments or opinions by e-mail to us, and We will try to show more accurate informations in future.

We are very sorry for the miss informations matter this time.

We discussed this matter with the custmer, and We accepted our mistake same as above, then refund 50,000JPY to the custmer as "Our Accepted claims".
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