This is one of our stock skyline gt-r, gtr bnr32 model, Silver model, Actual heavy modified unit, 640HP/58kg at rear wheel.

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R heavy modified 640HP unit

FOR SALE 1991 BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R heavy mod
HKS big single managed by F-con Vpro
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Mileage ; Mileage 62,000km around 41,300Mile Color; Original Silver metalic
P/S, P/W, P/M, AAC, 5spe trans.
Fully loaded,

Modified a lots.
Base Engine is 2002 BNR34 Skyline GT-R Nur spec Gold head engine.
All Ex-in port polished,
Weight and Friction adjusted, balanced, Crankshaft, Connecting rods, metals, all moving parts,
1,2mm metal head gaskets, 270deg in & Ex TOMEI camshaft,
Bigger pumps(Fuel, oil, water), 3Cores F/M intercooler, all customs made fittin pipes
HKS big singule turbocharger units, SARD 720cc injector. Tayloer made exhaust headers,
with Racing Waist gate unit installed, No air flow, (Djetro type), managed ,
set up by HKS sub computer, F-Con Vpro gold.
Specially made silent type Exhaust muffler(Taylor made type) No catalic converter,
Bilstein C-ring type height adjustable coil overs, pipe anti-roll bars,
Pillo-ball mounted links

This is not a "Fake, big-mouth 500HP" car, Actual, "Real modified GT-R".
Spent times, moneys by the ex-owner.

Looks so nice, and Clean inside, The condition is so good.
The vehicle year is already 15years old, so can be impoted in Canada & Australia.

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