This is one of our stock used car, 1991 nissan 180sx modified sileighty coupe 5spd with full aero parts
We can supply similar kinds of sileighty regularly, and auction buying service.

FOR SALE 1991/1 Nissan 180SX Sil80 modified
"SR-Sileighty" SR20DET 15years old stock

STOCK NO : RPS13-001
For sale in stock 1991/1 Nissan 180SX Sil80 modified
"Sileighty modified"Canada and Australia 15years old Stock
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Mileage ; Low Mileage 94,000KM around 58,750Mile Color; Pearl White(Changed colour)
P/S, P/W, P/M, AAC, 5spd trans,Fully optional loaded.

Front, Side, Rear Aftermarket Aero Parts.
Skyline GT-R style "Front Grill".
Camber adjustable pillow-ball upper mount
Sports damper with low height coils
M's Air filter, Brake master cylinder stopper
Kakimoto-Racing stainless steel exhaust muffler,
Black Racing 8spoke 3piece type Rims
MOMO "RACE" leather steering rim, Veilside Alluminum shift nob
Alluminum pedal covers, Apex Boost gauge, Apex Turbotimer,
Apexi AFC unit installed. Spin turb brake nob.

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