Japanese 4x4 Mini Truck, SUZUKI CARRY 4WD For Sale

This is a japanese kei-truck 4wd, with electrical diff lockers,selective 4wd, part time heavy duty 4wd mini truck.

Stock No: DB51-003:
This unit is not cleaned up yet. (Exterior, Interior, and chassis).
This Carry is supplied "Re-conditioned", see the sample pics BELOW.
For Sale Suzuki Carry Mini truck 4x4 660cc
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12,000km, 4spd, 4x4.

660cc 3cyl petrol, 4spd, part time 4x4,
famous suzuki carry pick up truck, mini truck.
mechanical inspected.
extra low km, good running condiiton car.

F.O.B Price ask by "Stock Car Enquiry Form"
Sample pictures:
1990 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck DB51T Model
This Suzuki Carry Truck pictures as Samples:
We supply these condition units, Body, Interior, Chassis cleaned up completely(Re-furbished). Its Engine inspected, Most of consumable parts, belts, pads, coolant checked, if need, changed in our authorized japan mechanical factory.
Sample pictures:
1991 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck DD51T Model
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