Nissan Scargo | S-Cargo Van Custom JDM RHD for sale

This Nissan Scargo|S-cargo van is one of MONKY'S INC CANADA CAR DIVISION stock Used Cars in Japan.
Better Choice for Rural Mail Carrier/Delivery Service Car in Canada, U.S.A, An Reliable, Good on fuel, All terraing Subaru AWD wagon
We export 15years Fully mechanical inspected quality best used cars, trucks to Canada, Vancouver CY or New Westminster port.import cars from japan to Calgary,Vancouver,Weston,Edmonton,Etobicoke,Ottawa,Toronto,Brampton,NorthYork,Nepean,Outremont,Richmond,Saskatoon,
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Hull, Kamloops,Oakville,Medicine Hat,Moncton,Brampton,Prince George,Malton,Halifax,Surrey,Regina,Nanaimo.

Very Low 54,000km, Full New Paint, Custom Interior

STOCK NO : G20-117

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Nissan Scargo|S-cargo van custom for sale

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Mileage ; Mileage 54,000KM around 33,750Mile, Color; Original Factory White
P/S, AC, Nissan Genuine Original Audio unit, Power rear gate lock unlock.
Taylor-made Original vinyl leather customs seats, custom side board cover
The Grey parts, Bumper, roof side lines, flare fenders are painted by High quality Gross Acrylic paint.
The body is painted by high quality acrylic paints. The rear cargo side part painted. Full New Paint finished.
No rusts, pretty nice body , interior, mechanical condition Scargo, even seen in market by us .

This Scargo was registered as "Commercial Advertisement vehicle" in japan, the number code is 88 number, categorized Special purpose vehicle. The speaker & Amp assy was removed, but If you would like us to install the speaker system again, We can install all units again on this unit.

Better for Flower shop, Catering service like Pizza, noodle, etc, and for Commercial advertisement purpose.

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You can purchase this Nissan Scargo via our AGENT Edmonton, AB, CANADA.
They can do all necessary importation process, Local transportations, registrations.
FOB/CIF price is SAME you purchase MONKY'S INC and DJauto Imports, they charge only the reasonable fees.

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