FOR SALE 1989 Nissan Skyline IMPUL R32R
IMPUL modified Skyline Type-M 4DR.

This is one of our stock performance japan used car for export, nissan skyline IMPUL R32R 4DR , IMPUL official modified used car.
Original IMPUL Fully Aero parts, 932leather steering rims, IMPUL special version skyline R32
We export Nissan Skyilne R32, R33, R34, any skyline you can import from japan at MONKY'S INC.

Stock No : HCR32-IMP03
R32R IMPUL Skyline Front View
R32R IMPUL Skyline interior R32R IMPUL Skyline Engine bay R32R IMPUL Skyline Rear View
(Nissan Skyline 4Dr TypeM base special produced model)
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Mileage ; Mileage 72,500KM around 45,400Mile Color; Ivory
P/S, P/W, P/M, A/C, Automatic, Fully loaded, IMPUL Original Condition car.
The body condition is good, (No major dents, has only some tiny scraches).

This IMPUL R32R was produced by IMPUL, a limited production and year model.
Now it's so rare to find in Japan local market.

The Front Hood is original BNR32 Skyline GT-R, Alluminum hood., the paint condition
is not good, (Paint faded)

Available optional service :
Repaint for the Hood / 30,000JPY
Transmission Conversion AT-to 5spd / 100,000JPY
(Includes R32typeM 5spd trany, New Clutch disk, cover, release bearing, and all labors)

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