JDM RHD Nissan 300ZX Twinturbo 5SPD 1owner 36,000km Stock Condition Sale

This JDM RHD Nissan 300ZX TT 1owner extra low mileage unit is available at MONKY'S INC, Ibaraki-city,Osaka, Japan and Luxury Imports Inc, Toronto, ON, Canada.
You can place an ordre with Both of us, import Samber truck directly from Japan by yourself, or use Luxury Import Inc, As your Import Broker.
This truch is "Inspected fully" at MONKY'S INC japan registered liscensed workshop, Ibaraki-city,Osaka, Japan.
New Battery, New 100% Synthetic Oils, filters, Wiper Blades will be installed before "Shipping process" in Japan.

STOCK NO : GCZ32-105

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1990 Nissan 300ZX TT AT 1owner 36,000km Sale Canada U.K. The Netherland from japan

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Mileage ; Mileage 36,000 KM around 22,500 Original Mile Color; Red
5Spd Manual Shift, Power window, Electric Folding mirror, Full Auto Air Cond, ABS.

This 300ZX is an Completely "Original / Full Stock Condition" 1onwer car, Has not been modified, Stored in a inside garage for many years by the 1st Owner. Non Smoking unit.

Never seen "this extra low km" unit in japan anymore.

You like this "Not abused, Not modified", Full stock condition, This unit is the best unit for you.

The Full Service Record (Papers) comes with this 300ZX(12copies), Owner's manual,
300ZX Full grain leather book cover, Titanium Main, Grey, and Red sub all 3keys.

About Our Vehicle maintenance standards here:

Vehicle Sales Info will be updated Soon!!!

This Genuine low km 1owner JDM RHD 300ZX TTinformation page here

This Genuine low km 1owner JDM RHD 300ZX TT picture gallery page here


We don't accept any questions, mails about "Importation process from japan to the u.s.a" at all.
If you'd like to import this unit from japan to the u.s.a, Please contact D.O.T, E.P.A, and U.S. Border/Customs by yourself, make all issues clear by yourself before you ask of us "Many questions".
We won't reply any e-mails, which ask of us about this "U.S.Importation issues" at all.
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