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For Sale Powerful Mini Truck Samber Supercharged 4x4
660cc 4cyl Supercharged JDM Engine Model

1992 Supercharged Samber 4x4 mini truck : Interior view 1992 Supercharged Samber 4x4 mini truck : Supercharged Indicator 1992 Supercharged Samber 4x4 mini truck : Rear end view

1990 Subaru Samber Supercharged Mini truck 4x4
FOR SALE 4x4 Samper SC Mini Truck Japan

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Mileage ; Mileage Odo 58,500KM around 36,600Mile Color; White
Extra Low Gear + 5spd

This Supercharged Engine Samber Truck 4x4 is a extremely rare Samber truck in japan.
4cylinder SuperCharged Engine is amazing powerful, and quick response ,and
good fuel economy engine. With 5spd gear, max speed around 140km possible.

Actual test driving "MOVIE" is available on Youtube, MONKY'S INC CARS,
SuperCharged Subaru Samber 4x4 Mini Truck Test Driving Movie

The driver seat seat cover will be changed with "New Seat cover" before the shipping.
Available Suzuki Carry, Mitsubishi MINICAB, Honda Acty 4x4 Mini Truck at MONKY'S INC
and We can supply 40FT HQ / 5 to 7units Bulk order shipping to Canada and U.S.A.
For more details, Please enquiry us via "Enquiry Form"

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