Japanese Reconditioned best quality Used Truck Export / MONKY'S INC Canada division stock used JDM RHD Subaru Samber Supercharger 4x4 mini truck
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1991 Subaru Samber Supercharger 4x4 Mini Truck 5spd For Sale


Picture gallery of 15years old vehicles which we sold to canada since 2002
Sold Vehicles Picture Sample Gallery

1991 Subaru Samber Supercharger 4x4 Mini Truck
Japan For Sale

[][][] TEST DRIVE in town road 0-70km /h [][][]
[][][] ENGINE START, Light, signals, Power window, etc[][][]

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Mileage ; Mileage 64,000 KM around 40,000Mile Color; Silver Metalic
Air Conditioner, 4x4, Power window, Extra Low Gear + 5spd

Already mechanical inspectioned, Basically "No mechanical issues".
Driveshaft boots, Vbelts Not worn., Supercharger runs good, No smokes from tail pipes, No Noise from engine,
Transmissions. 4x4 tested, OK, no problems.
Good engine sounds, Starts easy.....Check the "Video Clip"!

Body has some small dents on
@The left side corner panel of Rear bedding.....Check the "Video Clip"!
@The left side front door , near bumper, has dents, scratched......Check the "Video Clip"
No other major size dents, scratches.

The driver seat cover "Worn, damaged", repairble, We can supply "Seat cover", or repair in factory before
shipping. Also Body dents, scratches are repairble in our factory(We have body painting booth.)
Labor and parts fee additionally required.
Ex. Left side door "Repairment", dents, scratches : 10,000JPY
Rear corner dent : 10,000JPY
Brand new seat cover : 10,000JPY

Chassis has no major level rusts, only a very light level surface rusts on the suspensions.
All these "Dirt, surface rusts" will be cleaned, removed, painted before the shipping In case you choice BASE FOB PRICE TERMS. (In case you choice LESS FOB PRICE TERMS, We ship 100% as it is condition.)

Interior is now "Dirt", but If you choice BASE FOB PRICE TERMS, It will be completely cleaned up before the shipping process in japan. You can see How do we "Clean custmer purchased vehicles", Please check samples, available on "SOLD CARS PAGE"

We can provide many different angle pictures, (800X600 pixel size, 60-70 different angles) by e-mail after We have "Stock Car Enquiry Form" from you.

Before You send us your enquiry form, Please confirm that We offer 2 Different FOB price, With Services, or Without Services.
You can see the difference "With or without" here


BASE or LESS FOB OSAKA / YOKOHAMA Price ask by Stock Car Enquir Form
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