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MONKY'S INC Auction brokage, buying service explains "what is the difference??" to other car exporters.
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Auction Buying Service sample Car
-1988 CR30G Toyota Master Ace 4WD Diesel Turbo Wagon/26,000km Actual, Auction grade "4" & "b"
Awesome Cleaness High-end Quality, satisfaction guaranteed!
Sample Car Gallery you can see detail pictures, and our quality service for Custmer cars.
1991 GM Chevy Corvette CY15B Targa-Top 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E LHD
1991 BMW 535 LHD 1990 Fairlady 300ZX
1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T TypeM Modified 1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-4

1st STEP
When We have an AUCTION ENQUIRY FORM, We check the latest market price for Custmer's target car, then give a "PRICE GUIDELINES" about the target car.

Custmers agree with Our PAYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, We ask the custmer to send "SECURITY DEPOSIT" by Bank Telegraphic Transfer payment.

After we have the security deposit, We start to finding the car for custmer,, then We find the right car in Auction,
We sent "A Translated Auction paper" with Rough price quotations.

Custmers can decide whether "I want to get this car" or "I am not interested in this car" before we get the car in the auction house judging by the informations, the price guideline, the vehicle translated auction paper.

Custmer can avoid a lots of risks to get "NO GOOD CONDITION UNIT".

This is the translation Auction paper Which We had sent to the custmer when we found it. This is the sample, 1991 Chevy Corvette
This is the sample, 1991 HDJ81V Land Cruiser This is the sample, 1991 BMW 535i LHD
When We have "BUY IT" sign from Custmers, We check the car at auction house, and ONLY WHEN We confirm the vehicle is right car, We try to bidding the car at the aucion.

After We inspect the car at the auction house, If the car would not be better than the Auction informations,
We will bit the car accordingly, or won't bid it at all. (Depends on custmer's choice, We ask it in advance).

When We get the car fortunately, We will go forward to next step.

We bring the car from Auction location to our stock yard at first.
Then, inspect the engine, mechanical conditions, interiors, underchassis, and report the actual conditions.

We give advice for The weired parts, the parts need replacement, or recommend for replacement with
actual parts & labor costs, then we repair the car at our factory following custmer request.

All the car is supplied to our custmer after "Inspections, clean up procedures".
(Repair, tune-up, modification service are available only "Fully inspected supply service")
Those pictures are the same pictures we sent to our custmer when the vehicle arrived at our stock yard
We always send 20 to 40 different angle pictures per 1unit used vehicles at this 1st step.
Front angle Front angle Rear Angle
Rear Angle Cargo Room If Options are there, We show it
Driver's side interior Meters and Gauges Instrument panels
Shift positions Rear seats Engine Room
We show the underneath "As Is" at first same as left Roof paint conditions
2nd Step
We send detail pictures which We do "Modify, repair, tune-up, and clean up" for custmers cars.
It is very important for the custmer to know actual vehicle latest conditions before the shipmnet
Wash it up by high pressure water gun spray the rust prevent laquer finished pics
Clean up the underchassis Rust prevent coat (When need) Finished completely
Engine room is cleaned up completely Some weired parts are changed at our factory(Need additional fees) Coolant level, dirt, checked, and adding, changing service available
Engine check, cleaned up Fuel filter changed(need fee) Coolant check(add for free)
Very clean interior Carpet is cleaned by Vacuum cleaner completely mats are washed by special detergent
Interior cleaned up Carpet was vacumed cleaned Washed Carpet
Optional service available at us, This car is changed to Winter tires sets. Depth check Summer tires are putting into the cargo room then ship to the custmer as Inner cargo loads
Winter Tires arrangement
(Need parts, labor cost)
Tire depth report Old summer tires in the car,
as Inner cargo loads.

We can supply any kinds of Japanese used vehicle, Vintage, rare, old and lastes model whatever you want to get.
We can supply the your best car in Japan market, then serve you complete satisfaction !

Final Step
We do same "Quality service" , Stock car buying service,
We prepare the car before the shipment completely, then take all the pics from "Start " to " at the end", then
send all the pictures, the reports to our custmers,
Covered by vinyl covers to prevent the interior from Dirts, missing parts Covered by vinyl covers to prevent the interior from Dirts, missing parts Covered by vinyl covers to prevent the interior from Dirts, missing parts
Covered by vinyl covers to prevent the interior from Dirts, missing parts Covered by vinyl covers to prevent the interior from Dirts, missing parts Covered by vinyl covers to prevent the interior from Dirts, missing parts
Body is cleaned up, and coated by Long life Polymer Coating, durability for 3months under Normal weather conditons. We attend local transport procedures, to watch the body damages, the scratches when the carrier car company pick up our custmer's car at our yard
Service history logs papers(If available)

All the Cars We provided through "Auction buying service", truly "Best condition" only
TEL/FAX:+81-72-624-6153 HOT LINE:+81-90-2062-2270

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